How To Detect Bed Bugs – Get Sound Sleep At Night

The Bed bugs are a kind of tiny insects that delve in the human blood. The activity of these bed bugs increases at night when the individual is sleeping. The bugs are very active at the night time as compared to the morning daylight. The bed bugs are very weird in appearance. The bugs are flat, rusty red in color with oval bodies; the bed bugs have no wings. The bed bugs are very small in size. It is as small as the apple seed. Besides being this small in size they are still visible. The bed bugs can be easily seen with a naked eye. You must know how to detect bed bugs. These bugs usually hide in the mattresses. This infection is commonly seen in the box springs, in the bedding, in the cracks in furniture, on the floors and on the walls.

The moment the bed bugs feed its appearance changes it becomes bright red in color. It gets more active after its diet.

The resistance power of the bed bugs is very strong. The bed bugs can go without food for number months to almost a year. The bed bugs usually crawl and their speed of movement is equal ant to that of an ant. Which means the bed bug moves very slowly. It is very difficult to detect the bed bugs on its first appearance. Do not rely on the Visual inspection for the detection. There are a number of detection and monitoring devices that have come up with a use for the detection of this insect. You must have a physical sample of the actual bug or the egg is if you wish to be 100% sure that there are bed bugs in your house.

There is another symptom which is known as the Bite symptoms which is a sure indicator but you cannot diagnose it with 100% surety. If you want to be 100 percent sure you must rely on a professional feedback of a pest management professional. Make sure you start the treatment of the same on the first appearance of the first bed bug. It can be harmful to the human body and well being. If eyed and treated as soon as possible it will cause the minimum harm, If you have slightest of the doubt also that there is bed bug dueling in your space look for a professional help and get it treated.

The bed bugs are very dangerous if attracts the human body. There are pest control agencies which detect the presence of the bug and by spaying pesticide finish it from its very existence. After the treatment is done make sure you keep the area neat and clean to further avoid the problem. Make sure your room is well ventilated and airy. Do not let any foul smell and other unhealthy stuff be around the area which earlier got infected. Take proper care to avoid any further come back of the bed bug. You must take the preventive measures from the beginning.

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